Bjorn Egeli

Ann C. Daingerfield, 1933.
Oil on canvas 48 x 36.

The story of Bjorn Egeli is one of a man who left his native land to sail on the high seas, learning to persist through both calm seas and raging storms. It is the story of an immigrant, who worked intently on his creative talents and sought out those who could add to his education.

His is the story of a charming, erudite, wise and marvelous storyteller, and a man who passionately loved the sea and designed and built boats. He created on canvas the images of graceful and sturdy vessels, with skies and seas to match the mood.

It is also the story of a family man who passed on his talents to his children and grandchildren, establishing an impressive legacy of a family of artists.

It is, above all, the story of a young man who carved a place for himself in the culture of a great country. Bjorn Egeli's many portraits captured the likenesses of those in power and authority over a span of 50 years, and his work endures in distinguished public and private collections throughout the U.S.

Bjorn Egeli's Children & Grandchildren:
Peter Egeli
    Lisa Egeli
Cedric Egeli
    Arthur Egeli
    Anastasia Egeli
    Ingrid Egeli
BJ Egeli
Mary Lois Ekroos
Carolyn Egeli

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